Saturday, November 12, 2011

A little look into my kitchen..

So I had this idea of posting about the different items that I use in my kitchen. 
There are some that are pretty cool to have, and then there are some I couldn't do without! 

Cookie cutters are the most amazing little things. Especially with children. They go crazy over the different little shapes. They also have fun cooking with you. I tend to buy the random cookie cutters I find on sale. Hence the "holiday shapes." You can also use the cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes.

Cookies cut into shapes are fun to ice and design in awesome ways. You can also sprinkle some colored sugar. Just make sure you sprinkle them as soon as they come out of the oven.

Hey! So what is exactly are these?! They are brownie/cake cutters.  The squiggly one helps you cut the brownies into awesome shapes. Where as the rod one helps you cut in a neat manner.

And now to the baking pans. 
My many baking pans.
Hey! Each one serves a very specific purpose.

Pan number 1:

Why worry about cutting your pie or cake into perfect little pieces when the pan can do it for you? 
Then serve your pie without having to worry about popping it out of the pan.

I like this type of pan because you can also use it to serve the pie or cake.

Ok, are these not the cutest little things you have ever seen?!

I have not attempted to bake with them, but they are perfect for Jello! 

So I have plenty more things to show you, but I will save that for later! 

Now tell me what are your favorite kitchen utensils?

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